20 October 2008

Things are looking up

From the look of things, TRL decided the could find another buyer for the 7 lbs of yellow rings because they changed my order to gold colored rings and shipped it today. I'm still a little apprehensive that something will happen. They'll send it to my old address or something, I don't know. Maybe I am just paranoid. In any case, I will have all the supplies I need to complete Gabe's shirt in time! So for now, I think I will focus my energy on getting that Pacman inlay finished and save Tycho's sleeves for this week's mailling party.

I hate to make a post without something pretty to look at, so here is another photo of the engagement necklace I made last winter. It will always be one of my favorite pieces, even though it is so simple.

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Coldie said...

What size rigns are those?